In 2018, the Thai economy grew by 4 percent from 2017. This is the highest growth over the past six years with the value of exports, private sector consumption and investments showing good continuous growth. Continual development of strategies to manage domestic and foreign economic changes caused performance in 2018 to improve when compared to the previous year’s performance.

Over the past 23 years, QTC Energy Public Co., Ltd. has remained firm in its commitment to business operations aimed at building security and sustainability in line with set visions and missions to make the Company a world-class, one-stop manufacturer and service provider of technology in the electricity industry with corporate social responsibility and good governance in the main business of manufacturing quality electricity transformers with acceptance worldwide and the energy business. The Company continually perceives income to generate secure and sustainable returns.

The Company places importance on research and development of new products to meet customer needs such as Super Low Loss transformers as an environmentally-friendly product for reducing global warming, conserving energy or managing electricity with the Smart Transformer Monitoring System installed on transformers for management via the Cloud system from anywhere around the world by using 3G and 4G communication systems. As the world transitions into the digital age, the Company needs to modify strategies and use advanced technologies to maintain old customer bases while expanding new customer bases. The Company continues to make improvements to adapt to the digital world.

The Company adheres to the principle of management with corporate governance and responsibility to stakeholders with importance placed on the environment and society until the Company has earned the acceptance and trust of domestic and foreign investors. In 2018, the Company achieved an excellent corporate governance assessment score for the fourth consecutive year, thereby reflecting the importance of corporate governance. The Company hopes to make improvements and maintains management standards under the framework of corporate governance.

In 2019, the Thai economy is expected to have better growth than the previous year with factors from clarity of the election, which will build significant confidence among investors and steer government sector investments in infrastructure, including the progress of major investment projects along with confidence in the industrial sector, household sector spending and improving investments in the private sector and international investments.

The Company is determined to operate the business to increase business opportunities, maintain financial stability and increase capacity to compete under good governance for the maximum benefit of the Company, subsidiaries and stakeholders.

The Board of Directors would like to thank supporters, stakeholders and everyone involved at home and abroad who have supported the Company. Furthermore, the Board of Directors would like to assure the aforementioned persons that the Board of Directors will manage to the fullest capacity with determination to govern the Company’s secure and sustainable growth for the future.

(Mr. Krirkkrai Jirapaet)
Chairman of the Board


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