Overview of Business Operations & Key Developments

QTC Energy Public Co., Ltd., conducts the businesses of manufacturing and distributing custom made transformers to domestic and foreign customers under the “QTC” trademark and customer trademarks. At present, the company’s transformer projects can be categorized as follows:

  1. Distribution Transformers
    1.1 Hermetically Sealed Oil Type Distribution Transformers.
    1.2 Hermetically Sealed Oil Type Distribution Transformers.
  2. Power Transformers
  3. Cast Resin Transformer
  4. Super Low Loss Transformer (Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformer : AMDT)
  5. Special Transformer is designed and manufactured acccording to useageand features to customers such as Earthing Transformer, Unit Substation, Pad mounted.

Furthermore, the company also provides various types of services for customers, such as scheduled checks and maintenance, transformer repairs and maintenance, transformer oil fill services, transformer rental services, etc., in order to support customer needs and facilitate both customers who have purchased QTC transformers and other customers in general.

The company has one subsidiaries and one associated company include

  1. QTC Global Power Co., Ltd. (subsidiaries Company) produces electricity and other energy, the establishment on 28 September 2016 capital 560 million
  2. PPWE Co., Ltd. (associated company) produces energy, the establishment on 12 January 2016 capital 1 million.

Policy and Business Performance Goals

The Company aims to become a world class transformer manufacturer focused on developing the Company’s transformer quality and standards to build maximum confidence and efficiency for acceptance among customers domestically and abroad. The company has the goal to gain 1.5 billion baht before 2024.

The Company is focused on maintaining original customer bases and expanding new customer bases, particularly in the ASEAN Economic Community. The Company enhanced production efficiency in 2012 – 2017 to support competition after the merging of the AEC. In research and development, the Company has never stopped developing new products to conserve energy, reduce global warming and meet the needs of every customer group, giving the Company strong competitive capacity today.

To manage the organization and achieve the stated goals above, the Company has adhered to business operation principles under the Quality of Details process, governance and business ethics in order to grow with sustainability.