Overview of Business Operations & Key Developments

QTC Energy Public Company Limited engages in the business of manufacturing and distributing transformers according to orders of domestic and international customers (Made to Order) under the "QTC" trademark and the customers’ trademarks. Currently, the Company expands its business which can be divided into the transformer business and the solar business.

Transformer Business

The Company's transformer products can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Distribution Transformer
    1.1 Hermetically Sealed Oil Type Distribution Transformer
    1.2 Open Type with Conservator
  2. Power Transformers
  3. Cast Resin Transformer
  4. Super Low Loss Transformer (Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformer : AMDT)
  5. Special Transformer is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements and applications, such as Earthing Transformer, Unit Substation, Pad mounted, etc.
  6. Providing various services to customers, such as scheduled inspection and maintenance of general conditions, repairs and maintenance of transformers, transformer oil filling service, transformer rental service, etc., to support the needs of customers and facilitate them, including customers purchasing QTC transformers and general customers.

Solar Business

  1. The Company is the distributor of solar panel for LONGI Solar, which is regarded as the best Tier 1 solar panel with half-cut technology photovoltaic modules that deliver up to 98% efficiency and generate higher amount of power even in low light conditions. In addition, it can generate electricity continuously for more than 25 years. A 540 W solar panel will soon be launched and sold in Thailand, which currently the available maximum capacity is 450 W.
  2. The Company is the distributor of Huawei Solar Inverter, which is the product that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for using with solar panels, including the domestic and international distributor of DE BUSDUCT in order to create a foundation for the Company’s sustainable growth and continuously growing operating results. The Company established 2 subsidiaries and 1 associated company to operate power plant businesses, namely:

QTC Global Power Company Limited (QTCGP) engages in the business of power generation and other types of energy, established on September 28, 2016, with the registered capital of 560 million Baht. Later, QTCGP Company acquired Q Solar 1 Company Limited (Q Solar 1), which engages in the business of solar power generation and was established on December 28, 2009, with the registered capital of 220 million Baht. QTC Global Power Company Limited acquired 100% of shares on September 20, 2017.

PPWE Company Limited (PPWE) is the joint venture company engaging in the energy business and established on January 12, 2016, with registered capital of 1 million Baht. QTC Energy Public Company Limited holds 50% of shares and UAC Energy Company Limited holds 50% of shares.

Policy and Business Performance Goals

The Company has the policy and goal to be a world-class manufacturer of high-quality transformers by focusing on the development of the quality and standards of the Company's transformers to produce transformers with high efficiency and build confidence and recognition from domestic and international customers. The Company sets the goal of generating revenues of 1,500 million Baht by 2024. To achieve such goal, the Company focuses on maintaining the existing customer base and expand the new customer base, especially in the ASEAN countries.

The Company has improved the production processes to be more efficient in order to support market expansion and competition and also increased international sales team to penetrate new markets. Regarding the research and development, the Company unceasingly discovers and develops new products to meet customers’ needs. Currently, the Company develops and produces Smart Transformer, which is the innovation of transformers, and Super Low Loss Transformer that saves energy and reduce global warming in order to meet the needs of all groups of customers. As a result, the Company has strong potential for market competition.

Regarding the organization management to achieve the abovementioned goal, the Company has adhered to the principle of business operation under the concept of "Quality of Details", the principles of good governance, and the code of conduct for the Company’s sustainable growth.